What material is used to build these constructions?

All of the houses and sheds in the KRONUS Home range are made of FSC® (FSC-153405) certified northern timber. This high-quality construction material has excellent resistance, durability, and eco properties.

What's included in the house set?

• Solid wood milled logs with double or single tap depending on the size of the house
• 20 mm tongue and groove roof boards
• Impregnated foundation beams for extra longevity
• Doors and windows
• Screws, bolts and necessary accessories
• Easy-to-follow installation manual

Not included:
• Delivery
• Assembly
• Roof covering
• Foundation
• Painting

What is included in the shed set?

• Wall panels made of timber frame and T&G cladding boards
• Floor and Roof panels made of timber frame and T&G cladding boards
• Doors
• Roof Cover
• Screws, bolts, hinges and necessary accessories
• Easy-to-follow installation manual

Walls and roof

Walls are made of single or double tongue and groove interlocking boards. Floor and roof boards are made of premium planed timber and joined with single wind locks.

Windows for houses

All houses have double glazed windows with wooden frames, as do the entrance doors.

Board processing and maintenance

Wood is a natural material that grows and adapts to weather conditions. Large and small cracks, color tone differences and changes, and a changing wood structure are a natural result. The walls and roof are not painted or treated with a preservative; only the base is in direct contact with the ground.

Unprocessed wood can become greyish after having been left untreated for a prolonged time and can turn blue and become moldy. It must be processed with a wood preservative right after assembly to protect the wood.

We recommend treating floor boards with wood impregnation agents in advance, especially the bottom sides of the boards, to protect them from moisture.

Door and window impregnation is strongly suggested from both sides. Applying paint or stain to protect wood from moisture and UV radiation is mandatory.

We recommend inspecting your house every six months.

Additional services for houses

As standard, our log cabin is supplied without any roof cover. We always recommend using roof underlayment and shingles for this roof type. We offer sets in different colors: dark grey, dark red, dark green, and brown.

Please see Installation methods and construction foundation for houses for detailed information

All our products must be processed with a wood preservative right after assembly to protect the wood.

Installation methods and construction foundation for houses

There are three main methods of prefabricated construction assembly: screw piles, concrete block foundations, or poured concrete foundations. KRONUS Home recommends that your chosen item is built on a drilled screw pile. We recommend using a drilled screw pile because it is less expensive and quicker to install than concrete foundations or blocks. Drilled screw piles, which can be easily installed in almost any type of soil, can also help to solve the problem of surface roughness.

• Low cost: this method of installation is 30-70% cheaper than building a foundation
• Environmentally friendly: soil under the house remains almost untouched and absorbs moisture
• No expensive and lengthy excavation of a foundation pit
• Quick and easy installation: it is much quicker than building a concrete foundation or aligning concrete blocks
• Installation options: the piles can be removed to disassemble the house and move it to another location
• Installation can be carried out in any season or weather conditions.

KRONUS Home offers installation services using screw pile technology.

Utility services

Utility network connections can be ensured before or after the construction is installed.

Can I install your constructions myself?

Assembly is fairly easy and can be done by those with no professional experience in construction within about 3-5 days for houses and 2-8 hours for sheds. We provide an easy-to-follow installation manual and tips for foundation installation.

Do you offer installation service?

KRONUS Home offers installation on crew piles and approvals of the necessary documentation. We also offer the installation of sheds.

In what season can I install the house or shed?

KRONUS houses and sheds can be installed throughout the year. In general, everything depends on the foundation type, i.e., it is best to build a block foundation in summer, while installation on screw piles can be carried out in any season if the ground is not too frozen. When installing sheds, you can construct them at any time and place them where you need.

Can I live in your house all year round?

Standard house kits offered by KRONUS Home are summer houses without wall insulation or heating equipment. Our summer houses can be insulated and used throughout the year if needed.


Our products are provided with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ecological footprint

The ecological footprint of the house or shed depends on the materials used in the construction. Whenever we can, we opt for green solutions, such as FSC® (FSC-153405) certified wood, and environmentally-friendly installation methods.

Do I need a construction permit?

Your construction permit depends on local regulations. For further information, please get in touch with your local authorities.


KRONUS Home delivers its products within Latvia. If the product is available in stock, delivery is made within 3-5 days throughout Latvia. If the item is out of stock, delivery will take 2–3 weeks.